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13 YQ32 Series Four-column Hydraulic Press

13 YQ32 series four-column press
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Product model:YQ32
Product features:This series of hydrauic machine is suitble to pr
Detailed introduction

Product Introduction

This series of hydrauic machine  is suitble to  press, extend, cuff, bend,modify,cold&hot forge and so on for both metal and non metal material.The working pressure and pressing traveling of this series hydrauic machine can adjust in the set range based on technique requirement and it can work to form by  setting pressure and setting traveling.

This serie of hydrauic press has an indepedent hydraulic power unit and electric appliance unit. The hydraulic system uses board type hydraulic elements. Electric appliance uses central control button to perform adjustment, manual and self-auto three methods.Also it can be equipped with PLC programing controller. The machine is  reliable and flexible on action, compact on machine structure,  artisic on apperance design and convenient on maintenance.

Technical Parameters