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12 Extra Thick Wall Elbow and Pipe Chamfering Machine

12 Thick wall elbow pipe chamfering machine warhead
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he product description
Product model:Thick wall elbow pipe chamfering machine warhead
Product features:Central height of machine:H=125mm.
Detailed introduction


Product Introduction

Q1280-I, Q1280-II motor powered  beveling machines are designed based on the advantages from a  variety of pipe beveling machines 

and many clients production need. Model I is good for pipe diameter φ325mm-φ630mm, model II is good for pipe diameter φ530-φ800mm. Other model(φ159-φ820) can chamfer by reversing diretion . They are good for wall thickness 10-15mm elbow, tee and 

other fittings chamfering.It can select cutters and cutter holders and adjust relevant cutter holdersposition based on pipe wall thickness. 

Also it can select beveling speed and feeding method based on pipe thickness. when pipe wall thickness is less than 12mm, it can chamfer as the final beveling in one time.This machine is the key chamfering equipment before the pipes weld. It has strong champering power, easy and flexible operation and durable life.

Technical Parameters

1、Motor power: N=7.5KW, n=960rpm.

2、Cutter speed: four phases 31,59,86,161rpm.

3、Chamfering range: molde I pipe diameter 325-630mm wall thickness 10-150mm. Model II pipe diameter 530=800mm wall thickness 


4、Angle adjustment range of cutter holders:0-37.5 degree.

5、Horizontal traveling: 520mm.

6、Fast feeding on axial direction:+_302mm/min  inching.

7、Clamp worktable: 1100x1100mm for model I, 1400mmx1400mm for model II

8、Chamfering shape: single V,double V,U inner beveling and so on.

9、Cutter holder diameter: model I D=850mm,  model II D=1010mm.

10、Central height of machine:H=125mm.