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01 YWT series Elbow Cold Forming Machines

01 YWT series Elbow Cold Forming Machines
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Product model:YWT Series
Product features:It has the features of saving in materials and in
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Product Introduction

1. YWT series Elbow Clod Forming Machine is designed for manufacturing butt-weld type metal pipe elbows of 90°,60°,45°,30°, R=1.0D & R=1.5D with processing diameter ranges from 1/2" to 32",details,please the following Model number and parameters form.

2. Applicable pipe materials: stainledd steel,carbon steel,steel alloyed, aluminum alloyed and copper materials.

3. It has a strong frame,which are precisely processed and welded together,with a good appearance and stable function.     

4. It adopts a independent power mechanism and electrical system with PLC programable controller and touch screen displayer,it is easy to read and be operated.

5. It has a special demoulding mechanism and mould structures, so it is convenient to adjust and replace new mould in the process of production.  

6. Optional modes of operation: Inching,Manual,and automatic operation. 

7. It has the features of saving in energy and in materials by 15-40%,easy operating,and high efficiency.

Technical Parameters